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November 6, 2007

tenth of a dozen
posted by soe 11:06 pm

I admit it: for the first time since starting 007: Snap a Dozen Days, I had a hard time choosing between shots.

Oddly enough, I shot all the contending pictures the same day.

Grasses Are Good

This photo was taken around the corner from the Burrow. I had never seen birds in those grasses before and I haven’t seen any there since. Maybe they were pausing for a snack on their flight south. (You know, like down toward the Mall.) There were a whole flock of sparrows having lunch in the middle of the day. They really made those grasses look delicious — must have been all the wheat-like tufts…

What else did I not choose, you ask?

This is from my day at Butler’s Orchard when I invented my own version of a day out with my fellow NESCAC alumni. I didn’t end up buying any of the pumpkins (and, in fact, I’m not sure all of them were homegrown, since they were also importing apples from elsewhere), but they sure looked pretty and made me feel quite autumnal.

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