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May 7, 2007

fourth of a dozen
posted by soe 11:29 pm

I’d say this photo, which appeared in a post last month, qualified as the thematic shot for April in the 007: Snap a Dozen Days meme:

Four Hours of Dirt

The garden is growing well. Maybe we don’t quite have pretty maids all in a row yet, but we do have some strawberry flowers and lettuce and whatever the weird non-lettuce plants are. And last week, we added a row each of English peas, snow peas, and leeks.

Earlier shots in the 007 series: March, February, and January.

Tomorrow, photos of animals — both wild and domesticated!

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Wish I had a plot of land for my own garden. can’t wait to see everything come up in yours!

Comment by Jennie 05.08.07 @ 9:16 am

Oh my goodness Sprite I love your photo!
that says SPRING!
Your garden looks like it is really coming along nicely and isn’t garending just so much fun?
It really does sooth my soul, except for the other day when my dog ATE my herb garden!

Comment by paula 05.11.07 @ 3:55 am