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April 9, 2007

the third of a dozen
posted by soe 1:37 am

Somehow between the excitement of having company in town last week and heading to Connecticut this past week, I missed the monthly photo feature, 007: Snap a Dozen Days.

This particular photo captures the spirit of my March because it shows the hope and beauty of spring starting to take effect. It also epitomizes D.C. in spring because it signifies the beginning of tourist season.

Cherry Blossoms

This is the third in my monthly 007: Snap a Dozen Days series. You can find the February post here.

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Are those apple blossoms? I love that scent.

There is nothing like that it CT right now. Yesterday morning we had snow squalls. Ugh.

Congratulations on winning a CD too!

Comment by Debby 04.09.07 @ 12:09 pm

What a beautiful picture!
I love the smell of those blossoms!

Comment by paula 04.09.07 @ 12:49 pm