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June 30, 2005

light shows, cell phones, and protective head gear
posted by soe 11:30 am

Three beautiful things of the week:

1. Last night we had a gorgeous thunderstorm between 8 and 9 at night. Rudi and I turned off all the lights in the Burrow and curled up together on the couch (with Della) to watch. The summer we realized we had feelings for one another, Rudi and I each had a large room with a wall of windows in the dorm we were staying in. Depending on whether the storm was coming from the north or the south (and usually it was from the south, over the Sound), we’d pile into each other’s rooms and watch the free light shows.

2. The plane that was due to come pick me up and bring me home on Tuesday got stuck in Virginia due to one of those aforementioned light shows, stranding me at O’Hare for an extra three hours. Thanks to my trusty cell phone, not only could I let Rudi know he should pick me up closer to midnight than 8 p.m., but I also got to talk to Karen for an hour. If I’m going to be stuck in an airport, it’s nice to know that I can just reach out and touch someone I know, even if they’re far away at the time.

3. When I woke up in my very own bed Wednesday morning, Jeremiah was curled up on the pillow around my head. I think he was trying to make sure that bad dreams and untimely wakefulness stayed away from me on my first night home.

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June 29, 2005

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There’s just something magical about summer thunderstorms. They’re the barbaric yawps of nature — untamed and untranslatable.

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June 28, 2005

home, sweet home
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While I am glad Virginia got some of the rainfall it needed with tonight’s thunderstorms, I would have been happier if they’d come a little earlier in the day. Their timing kept my plane on the ground at Dulles instead of it being in Chicago, where I was waiting to board it. A touch more than a three-hour delay.

But I’m home now. There’s no place like it!

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June 27, 2005

happy belated birthday, rebs!
posted by soe 3:43 pm

Friday was Rebs’ birthday and I let it go by without a call to her or a note here. I left a voicemail yesterday and today I hope to set the posting right here.

Rebs and I met my first year in college. Actually, my roomie, Eri, met her first and then introduced me to her.

Rebs quickly became a good friend. She came home with me at Thanksgiving, was with me the first time I was pulled over by a cop (we had loaded the Tin Can’s trunk too full of laundry to wash and had accidentally disconnected a brake light), and helped us cement friendships with Kim, Jason, and John by arriving early our sophomore year and doing the hard work of getting to know them. The rest of us just coasted along on her coat tails.

Rebs is introspective and steadfast, never forgetting remotely important anniversaries or birthdays. It’s hard to believe I’ve known her for nearly 13 years (wow, we’re old!), but it’s true.

After sticking out an extra year in New England with us, she returned home to her family, her true love, and her mountains in Vancouver, Washington. We rarely get to see her, so she may not think we remember her more often than our infrequent emails or phone calls would lead her to believe. But that’s just not true. I miss her whenever I see a plant I can’t identify, that I know she would know. I miss her on Thanksgiving when she’s not there to join the rest of the family. And I miss her whenever I think of the people who have played major roles in the story of my life but gone on fame in their own shows.

Happy Birthday, Rebs. I hope it was a good one.

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June 26, 2005

this is a what?!
posted by soe 1:24 pm

“Would you like a free book for your library?”

“How much is it?”

“It’s free.”

“I don’t want to carry it.”

“We can send it to you if you give us your contact information.”

“How much is it if I want you to send it to me?”

“It’s free.”

“No. How much is it if you send it?”

“It’s free.”


And so the morning went.

Actually, it was a very productive morning — much better than yesterday. One of our titles will probably be gone by midday tomorrow, which is a good thing. And some of the librarians are very nice and very excited when they finally realize we’re trying to give them quality, useful information for free. And they make up for the ones who pretend I’m invisible and inaudible.

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June 25, 2005

chi-town, day 1 recap
posted by soe 12:11 pm

Just a quick note — those people in line for ALA’s free internet look grumpy!

Yesterday I spent getting myself settled — both at the booth and here in town. I took a couple extra L trains than necessary to get to the convention center, but I made it here safe and sound.

I have explored the Magnificent Mile to the best of my abilities — a little too touristy and upscale for my tastes. But I did manage to stop by Lo-Cal Locale for a veggie dog before they’re shut down to make way for condos and by Giordano’s for stuffed pizza.

Tonight I head to Grant Park for the Taste of Chicago and a classical music concert. Tomorrow, maybe Navy Pier.

Keep your fingers crossed for a little more time to write — and a more thoughtful post later today or tomorrow.

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