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June 21, 2005

high school teachers
posted by soe 3:26 pm

A member of the Wesleyan alumni email network (fondly known as WesChat) forwarded along a New York Times story by Thomas Friedman that talks about an innovative honor given out by Williams College in Massachusetts. [The story now costs money to read, so I won’t link to it.]

Every year at graduation, in addition to honoring the actual grads and the VIPs, Williams also honors four high school teachers. These teachers are nominated by the graduating seniors to mark the high school teachers who had a profound impact on them. A committee winnows down the nominations and selects who they deem to be the four most inspiring teachers. Each winner gets a $2,000 gift as well as $1,000 for their school, plus the cost of bringing them to Williamstown for graduation weekend.

This story got me thinking about my own high school teachers. Since I do not have to go before a committee, I thought I’d pick the four who inspired me the most from my own high school days: (more…)

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