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June 30, 2005

light shows, cell phones, and protective head gear
posted by soe 11:30 am

Three beautiful things of the week:

1. Last night we had a gorgeous thunderstorm between 8 and 9 at night. Rudi and I turned off all the lights in the Burrow and curled up together on the couch (with Della) to watch. The summer we realized we had feelings for one another, Rudi and I each had a large room with a wall of windows in the dorm we were staying in. Depending on whether the storm was coming from the north or the south (and usually it was from the south, over the Sound), we’d pile into each other’s rooms and watch the free light shows.

2. The plane that was due to come pick me up and bring me home on Tuesday got stuck in Virginia due to one of those aforementioned light shows, stranding me at O’Hare for an extra three hours. Thanks to my trusty cell phone, not only could I let Rudi know he should pick me up closer to midnight than 8 p.m., but I also got to talk to Karen for an hour. If I’m going to be stuck in an airport, it’s nice to know that I can just reach out and touch someone I know, even if they’re far away at the time.

3. When I woke up in my very own bed Wednesday morning, Jeremiah was curled up on the pillow around my head. I think he was trying to make sure that bad dreams and untimely wakefulness stayed away from me on my first night home.

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