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September 26, 2023

top ten characters who need their own book
posted by soe 2:14 am

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday from That Artsy Reader Girl invites us to share the Secondary/Minor Characters Who Deserve Their Own Book:

    1. Gigi, Eve, Dani, and Chloe’s grandmother, from the Brown Sisters’ trilogy by Talia Hibbert
    2. Cal, the carpenter, from Travis Baldree’s Legends and Lattes
    3. Ginger, who lives in a lighthouse, from Linda Holmes’ Flying Solo
    4. Gwyn the cousin from The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling (This is cheating, because she absolutely has her own book, but I haven’t read it yet.)
    5. Ainsley, the new friend, in Sonya Lalli’s Serena Singh Flips the Script
    6. Dex, the BFF, from Kate Racculia’s Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts
    7. Georgie and Clem from The Greenglass House series by Kate Milford
    8. Sofia, the daughter, in Amor Towles’ The Gentleman from Moscow
    9. Berta, the housekeeper and crime-investigating partner, in Maia Chance’s The Discreet Retrieval Agency series
    10. Palamedes, the knight, from Michael Scott’s The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series (again, cheating, because I know Scott wrote short stories to fill in the back stories, but my list my rules)

This was way harder than I expected it to be after the first character.

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September 18, 2023

top ten books on my fall 2023 tbr list
posted by soe 1:02 am

::Sigh:: I believe this is the first time I’ll have failed to read a single book I put on a seasonal TBR list, assuming I can’t cross any off before Saturday.

However, this will not stop me from participating in this week’s Top Ten Tuesday from That Artsy Reader Girl and making a list for the fall. Here are ten books I’d love to read this autumn:

  1. Cultish by Amanda Mantell (this is the September pick for my friend’s reading group)
  2. Woman Without Shame by Sandra Cisneros
  3. Travis Baldree’s Bookshops & Bonedust
  4. A Power Unbound by Freya Marske
  5. Bill Watterson’s The Mysteries (Yes, of Calvin & Hobbes fame)
  6. The Lost Library by Rebecca Stead & Wendy Mass
  7. Sleepless in Dubai by Sajni Patel
  8. Cleat Cute by Meryl Wilsner (I mean, how can you not with that title?)
  9. Island of Whispers by Frances Hardinge
  10. Melinda Taub’s The Scandalous Confessions of Lydia Bennet, Witch (Doesn’t this sound utterly tantalizing?)

How about you? What are you hoping to read this coming season?

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August 2, 2023

#giftmasinjuly 2023
posted by soe 1:40 am

Many thanks to Monica from Newbery and Beyond for my delightful GiftmasinJuly package!


Included were three (!) books from my TBR list — Neil Gaiman’s The View from the Cheap Seats; Christmas at the Mysterious Bookshop, edited by Otto Penzler; and Lily King’s Five Tuesdays in Winter. I am going to have many happy hours of reading ahead of me!


I also got some goodies from Iceland, including fruits of the forest tea and chocolate, and some new, fun stickers!


Thank you so much, Monica, and thank you to Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl for hosting this favorite summer swap1

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July 18, 2023

top ten one-word titles
posted by soe 1:05 am

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday from That Artsy Reader Girl asks us to share our favorite reads with one-word titles. I highly recommend all of these:

  1. Summerland by Michael Chabon
  2. Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick
  3. Eliot Schrefer’s Endangered
  4. Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell
  5. Landline by Rainbow Rowell
  6. Naomi Novick’s Uprooted
  7. Booked by Kwame Alexander
  8. Obsidio (The final book in the Illuminae Files trilogy) by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
  9. Thistlefoot by GennaRose Nethercott
  10. Mike Lupica’s Heat
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July 11, 2023

ten books i have checked out from the library
posted by soe 1:43 am

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday from That Artsy Reader Girl is a freebie, so I thought I’d share ten of the titles I currently have borrowed from one of the three library systems I belong to:

  1. The Wager by David Grann
  2. Ari Shapiro’s The Best Strangers in the World
  3. Tess of the Road by Rachel Hartman
  4. She-Hulk by Rainbow Rowell with illustrations by Rogê Antônio and Luca Maresca
  5. Lucy Gilmore’s The Lonely Hearts Book Club
  6. Aurora’s End by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
  7. Not Your Villain by C.B. Lee
  8. Shveta Thakrar’s The Dream Runners
  9. To Fill a Yellow House by Sussie Anie
  10. I Came All This Way to Meet You by Jami Attenberg

What do you have out from the library right now?

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June 28, 2023

top ten titles coming the rest of this year
posted by soe 1:38 am

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday from That Artsy Reader Girl asks us to share our most anticipated titles being published in the second half of the year. Here are some of mine:

  1. Bookshops & Bonedust by Travis Baldree
  2. A Power Unbound by Freya Marske
  3. Family Lore by Elizabeth Acevedo
  4. The Mysteries by Bill Watterson
  5. The Lost Library by Rebecca Stead & Wendy Mass
  6. The Year of Second Chances by Lara Avery
  7. The Librarianist by Patrick deWitt
  8. The Blonde Identity by Ally Carter
  9. Why We Love Baseball by Joe Posnanski
  10. Sleepless in Dubai by Sajni Patel

How about you? What books coming out later this year are you looking forward to most?

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