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October 6, 2021

in america: remember
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In America: Remember

We passed 700,000 dead from COVID over the weekend. And “In America: Remember,” an art installation on the Mall from Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg recorded each one with a white flag.

In America: Remember

In America: Remember

I visited twice: once while they were setting up and then Saturday night. You can see in the daytime shots the expanse of space that was still needed to be filled.

In America: Remember

Each time I was struck by the sheer waste.

In America: Remember

In America: Remember

It didn’t have to be like this. No, we probably couldn’t have saved everyone. But just this volume. This many people.

Those who’d lost loved ones to COVID were invited to personalize a flag in their memory. Because each one of these flags represents a person who had a life — friends and family, pets, jobs … Holes in the fabric of our country.

In America: Remember

In America: Remember

In America: Remember

In America: Remember

In America: Remember

In America: Remember

If you haven’t been to D.C. recently, it’s hard to impress on you the sheer size of this installation. It takes up at least two square city blocks. It’s enormous.

In America: Remember

It’s devastating.

In America: Remember

And more than 30,000 dead in just the two weeks the exhibition was open.

In America: Remember

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September 12, 2021

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Towers of Light Tribute from the Pentagon

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August 4, 2021

spectacular sunset
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Tonight’s sunset, particularly when viewed from the ballpark, was particularly amazing. We all felt lucky just to be there.

Just before Sunset

Mackerel Sky

View Over Left Field

Panoramic View


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July 24, 2021

feast fit for an emperor
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I decided at some past Olympics that it seemed only fitting to celebrate Opening and Closing Ceremonies with a nod to the host nation.

With this year’s Olympics being held in Tokyo, that means Japanese, and D.C. did not leave me hanging. About eight blocks away from the Burrow is Hana Market, a tiny Japanese grocery (and one-time tourism agency). After work let out, I wandered over to pick up snacks to eat during tonight’s broadcast. While I have been to Hana before, it’s either been to pick up a specific ingredient or to buy a mochi to snack on. This time I took a less strategic approach and just picked up things that looked interesting.

I came home with a bag of supplies, including:

Japanese Snacks

Peach caramel corn pops, seasoned seaweed, coffee-flavored black sesame candy (I missed the fact that they were coffee), matcha Kit Kats, chocolate stumps, roasted bean snacks, and chestnut mochi served as appetizers.

Tasty Mango Cream Soda

Mango creamy soda, which contains 0% juice, but does contain milk. I’d buy it again.

We paused in our corner-store delights to have some actual dinner, picked up from the nearby Japanese restaurant, Sakana, that we’d never been to. Rudi ordered a roll and a sushi bento. While I considered an entree, I’ve rarely been to a Japanese restaurant that offered an entire section of vegetarian sushi/maki, and that won out in the end:

Veggie Sushi

The roll at the top is tempura vegetables. The one on the right is ume shiso, or pickled plum. The one at the bottom left is kanpyo, or dried gourd. All three were delicious.

And then for dessert, Rudi and I split these two red bean paste mochis, a favorite of mine.

Red Bean Paste Mochis for Dessert

That’s a pretty good feast, wouldn’t you say?

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July 18, 2021

saturday errands
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Ice Cream from Lulabelle's

Rudi and I ran some errands this afternoon. While we were out, we ended up in Petworth and opted to stop by Lulabelle’s Sweet Shop for some ice cream.

I had blueberry jasmine and Rudi had key lime pie, and they were both every bit as good as you’d expect ice cream to be on a hot July evening.

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May 26, 2021

back at the ballpark
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Back at the Ballpark!

“It’s a beautiful night for some baseball. Washington Nationals, play ball!”

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