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March 31, 2010

keep the coffee coming
posted by soe 11:10 am

Just a note for anyone who might read both our blogs: Keep the Coffee Coming was ousted from Blogger, but Kat has made herself a new home on WordPress. Head over to visit her new digs!

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one down, three to go…
posted by soe 1:26 am

Arriving home last night at 1:30 in the morning and needing to be up and working (from home for the first bit) at 7:30 this morning was … painful. Luckily, my boss was a dear and sent me home when she left because I just wasn’t concentrating the way I should have been.

Three more days of work left this week… And they just can’t be done with soon enough…

The good news is that warm weather arrives after tomorrow and daylight extends quite a bit in either direction of my day. Maybe toward the end of the week I’ll even feel up to a pre-work bike ride down to see the cherry blossoms before they all fall off the trees!

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March 28, 2010

dog’s eye view, spruced up, and so true
posted by soe 1:13 pm

I’m back in Salt Lake today, sitting at a cafe for a few more minutes before the yarn store opens up. Tonight we’ll have a dinner out with an ailing Jenny before packing up and heading back east tomorrow afternoon.

I’m not sure I’ll get to post tomorrow, but, if not, definitely expect something new Tuesday. In honor of such a beautiful morning spent outside (after a sunny day spent outside yesterday netted me a slightly pink nose for Rudi’s reunion), I offer you three beautiful things from my Friday:

1. A man on a recumbent bike rides in the bike lane with his small black poodle on a leash running alongside.

2. A violet patch next to a walkway to a nondescript cement building acts as a temporary burst of color.

3. A tree along my walk boasts a medallion. A bottlecap has been painted cheery colors and hangs from a bead-bedecked string. Inside, tiny ransom note-style words read, “This is Zen.”

What’s been beautiful in your world recently?

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March 27, 2010

park city
posted by soe 12:36 pm

I’m writing from Park City, Utah, where Rudi’s ski academy reunion is taking place. He’s up on the ski hill doing his crazy plank-footed thing, and I’m spending the day bumming around this old mining town nearly two miles above sea level. I’ve been here before, but never just to hang around and explore, since previously I’ve come to dinner and to an Olympic skiing event back in 2000. Although the day began overcast, the sun has burned away the clouds after yesterday’s storms, leaving us with a gorgeously blue, clear day.

Right now I have found public internet access in a park and am sitting next to an unlit firepit with the laptop (appropriately) on my lap. There are several coffeeshops in town, so I suspect I will seek shelter again in one when my fingers get too cold to type. I have also found a bookstore that hadn’t yet opened when Rudi and I rolled into town and several day spas. Maybe a massage is in order?

And a (free, I think) bus ride away is a TJ Maxx and a yarn store if I get really desperate. Although, there is a yarn shop back in Salt Lake I hope to visit tomorrow, so maybe I’ll save my fiber enthusiasm for then. There are also a couple of cinemas, which could manage to fill up my day until the reunion dinner this evening should I need to escape it all into a movie.

I do wish I could find a chairlift that would take me up the mountain and then back down again. I wouldn’t mind seeing the view from the summit, but I have no interest in the more conventional means down the hill. Some entrepreneur should really consider that for the lazy folk like me…

That’s all for now. I’m going to sit and knit or read for a bit until I get too cold. Have a great day!

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March 26, 2010

posted by soe 2:06 pm

I’m writing from a coffeeshop near my MiL’s house, where I have a view of outside. Roughly every five minutes the weather changes. Right now, for instance, it’s sunny, but there is an ominous sheet of clouds overhead. Just after I arrived a few hours ago, it began sleeting. There have been snow showers — several an hour — and a little bit of misty rain, as well. However, nothing sticks to the ground and because Salt Lake is a desert, the pavement dries quickly. I hope Rudi’s weather up in Park City involves less rain and more snow for his skiing adventures.

I know I promised you book reviews, and it’s still possible I’ll write them this weekend. But I’m just not feeling the love at the moment. All three books I’m behind on posting — The Help, The Elegance of the Hedgehog, and Shades of Grey are each deserving of a thoughtful review. I don’t want to rush them. But I also know that the longer I wait to write them up the more I’ll forget of the nuances of each novel, so I’ll try to get to them soon.

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March 25, 2010

wait, allies, and bunches
posted by soe 1:32 pm

Three beautiful things from the past week:

1. Last week, when leaving the office way too late, I decide the bus/walking will be faster than taking a late-night train. The bus passes me at Farragut Square, but I catch up to it at the K Street light. I knock on the door to see if the driver will let me on, but she shakes her head and points up a block to the next stop. We leave the light at the same time, but the bus arrives far sooner than I do. When I see the bus door close, I slow my trot down, figuring I’d just have to walk the rest of the way. But the driver re-opens the door to signal that she’s stilll waiting for me.

2. Being so far from Rudi’s mom (who has no other relations) means some challenges for us. Yet, her friends care deeply for her and share some of our concerns, so it’s good to know that they’re also looking out for her and at a closer proximity.

3. On Sunday, as I’m driving to pick up Sarah for our yarn excursion, I pass a group of circus clowns walking down the street carrying huge bunches of brightly hued balloons.

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