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March 27, 2010

park city
posted by soe 12:36 pm

I’m writing from Park City, Utah, where Rudi’s ski academy reunion is taking place. He’s up on the ski hill doing his crazy plank-footed thing, and I’m spending the day bumming around this old mining town nearly two miles above sea level. I’ve been here before, but never just to hang around and explore, since previously I’ve come to dinner and to an Olympic skiing event back in 2000. Although the day began overcast, the sun has burned away the clouds after yesterday’s storms, leaving us with a gorgeously blue, clear day.

Right now I have found public internet access in a park and am sitting next to an unlit firepit with the laptop (appropriately) on my lap. There are several coffeeshops in town, so I suspect I will seek shelter again in one when my fingers get too cold to type. I have also found a bookstore that hadn’t yet opened when Rudi and I rolled into town and several day spas. Maybe a massage is in order?

And a (free, I think) bus ride away is a TJ Maxx and a yarn store if I get really desperate. Although, there is a yarn shop back in Salt Lake I hope to visit tomorrow, so maybe I’ll save my fiber enthusiasm for then. There are also a couple of cinemas, which could manage to fill up my day until the reunion dinner this evening should I need to escape it all into a movie.

I do wish I could find a chairlift that would take me up the mountain and then back down again. I wouldn’t mind seeing the view from the summit, but I have no interest in the more conventional means down the hill. Some entrepreneur should really consider that for the lazy folk like me…

That’s all for now. I’m going to sit and knit or read for a bit until I get too cold. Have a great day!

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