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June 27, 2022

people-filled weekending
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My weekend was lovely, filled with many of the people I love best in D.C.

Friday night, six of us who used start our summer weekends together pre-pandemic returned to Yards Park for a concert and picnic. As one of them noted, we’re going on 20 years of friendship, which seems like a surprising number given we were brought together by volunteering for a political campaign.

Saturday afternoon, I got a chance to play volleyball for a couple hours, which was nice. Then I headed out for the evening to a friend’s engagement party. Turns out my volleyball teammates are happy to hang until the wee hours, because most of us didn’t leave until going on 1 a.m.

We also had a friend in town from London, whom Rudi spent most of his weekend with. But I caught up with them for supper tonight. We hadn’t seen him in person in 14 years, but would catch up for video chats at the Super Bowl and on other occasions. (He called us the night of the 2016 election to offer his condolences.)

Honestly, I love weekends like this. I love spending time with friends and having something to do each night, even if I need to recharge a bit the next day.

How was your weekend?

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June 13, 2022

mid-june weekending
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Peony Staying Power

It was a nice weekend. I won a contest that netted me a free bucket of beer and a picnic blanket at the Friday night concert down along the River, so Rudi and I biked across town, met up with a volleyball teammate, and spent a beautiful evening listening to a Latin-Irish fusion band, which had a great sound.

Saturday, we went to the March for Our Lives down on the Mall, and while I’m sure our presence wasn’t the tipping point, it does sound like some progress was made overnight toward reaching a passable bill.

Today, I went to the farmers market, spent several hours working in the garden, had a video chat with friends, and watched the Tonys. Because airfare is outrageous right now, I proposed to Rudi that we take a couple overnight trips to New York City, so we procured tickets to three shows over the next two months. We’ve also been talking about seeing the Mets play at Citi Field (we haven’t been since they shut down Shea), so we might wrap that or Shakespeare in Central Park into the mix. Or maybe we can convince one or more of our friends in the area to meet up with us for a meal.

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June 8, 2022

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I missed the local peonies at the farmers market, but Trader Joe’s had my back. They have a place of honor in the living room.

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June 1, 2022

memorial day weekending
posted by soe 1:27 am

Hi there!

I’m coming off a pretty nice weekend, so I hope you had one too.

First Strawberry Daiquiri of 2022

On Saturday, I played pick-up volleyball for three hours, scarfed down a popsicle, and then headed to the park with Rudi to listen to the Rock Creek Kings perform. Their permit ends at 9, so we were home in plenty of time for me to finish two books and a shawl.

On Sunday, while I just missed getting to the library, I did make it to the pool. I also had a trip to the farmers market and some time in the garden — I love pea season! We watched the original Top Gun movie and drank our first strawberry daiquiris of the season. I also snuck in a load of laundry, just in case you thought it was only fun and games at the Burrow this weekend.

Monday rolled around, and the fun kept coming. Rudi and I made strawberry refrigerator jam and then joined friends for supper. We had the jam this morning on our English muffins, and it was so good!

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April 27, 2022

late-april notes from the garden
posted by soe 1:20 am

Late-April Gardening

The garden has responded well to the recent spate of rain showers, growing lush and popping seedlings out in a reassuring manner. But it’s also been warm, which has led many of my cold-weather greens, including my two kale plants and all the bok choy, to bolt. ‘T’is the season.

Late-April Gardening

My flowers are doing well. Rudi asked if we could plant some petunias, which remind him of his grandmother, so of course I said yes. Two of the pink ones appear above alongside the yellow pansies that overwintered and my beloved violets.

Late-April Gardening

Late-April Gardening

My seeds have sprouted, although I’m not fully sure which of them have grown so boldly. I think one is pak choi, one might be arugula, and one might be a lettuce, but I won’t swear to any of it at this point.

My Swiss chard, despite having been my first sprouts, have been slow to grow, and while some peas are knee-high, fewer of them have emerged than I’d hoped.

Late-April Gardening

Finally, we split our first strawberry on Sunday and should have three more this week, if the straw keeps the slugs away. So sweet!

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April 11, 2022

early april weekending
posted by soe 1:28 am

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Finally, we got back toward having some pleasant weather, so I spent quite a bit of this weekend outside.

Friday evening, we had drinks on the patio of our local yuppie grocery store/bar.

Saturday, we spent the first part of the day at our garden, doing general maintenance with other gardeners. Rudi and I weeded pathways and raked, and we felt very good about our efforts by the time we headed home in the early afternoon. In the evening, we headed to the ballpark for the Mets-Nationals game and our friend Sarah’s birthday. The Mets’ Pete Alonzo hit a grand slam, which was very exciting for me, but the Nationals failed to recognize Sarah’s special day by playing their best. The temperature kept dropping, so by the end of the ninth we were all well bundled into the winter clothing we’d brought and aching for everyone who came to bat to get out quickly. But overall it was a lovely way to spend a Saturday in April.

Today, I got to sleep in a bit before heading to the farmers market. We later enjoyed the ramps (wild leeks) I picked up in omelettes for supper. In the afternoon, I headed over to Virginia to return a library book. I picked up some doughnuts from the yuppie doughnut shop and four books from the library, and then spent some time sipping a fabulous seasonal drink — a peaches n’ cream tea latte — and reading in the sun (and wind) on the patio of the local coffeehouse. We had our monthly video call with friends on the west coast in the evening and then rounded out the night with some tv.

How was your weekend?

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