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June 10, 2005

posted by soe 1:21 pm

This has been a remarkably long week. I’m ready for it to end.

On tap for the weekend:

Softball starts up late tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to it even though I can’t figure out where my batting gloves went. Wouldn’t you think they would have been either with my cleats or my glove? Don’t you think I should be more concerned with the fact that I haven’t thrown or hit in almost three years?

The Pride Parade sashays its way through our neighborhood tomorrow afternoon. Rudi is supposed to take part with the rest of the Democratic State Committee (or at least whatever small portion of it bothers to show up).

The Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit closes at the National Gallery this weekend. Since I’ve been saying for the last three months that I wanted to see it, I guess I’d better hustle over there. (Upon looking at the website it seems there’s also a Lichtenstein exhibit going on, too, so at least I’ll get a double-bang for my buck.) Do you think they’d mind if I came straight from my softball game in 90 degree weather?

We have ascertained the berries I see growing wild on trees all over the District are mulberries. Maybe I will harvest some and make something out of them.

Strawberry shortcake is definitely on tap. I have been promising one to Rudi for weeks now and have all the ingredients, but have lacked sufficient time. Maybe I will stop letting that be an excuse.

The farm market promises the first sweet cherries of the season as well as a continued bounty of strawberries. (Hmmm… that makes three berry-related activities for the weekend. Where will I fit all the sweetness in?)

We picked up a baby tomato plant at the Mt. Pleasant Fest last weekend. It’s been flourishing in our shower caddy (one of only two places in our apartment safe from Della’s plant chewing tendencies), but I think it will be happier outside in a pot where it can get some sun. Sadly, it probably gets more water in our shower than it will once it’s outside and I have to remember to bring it refreshing drinks. Do you think rats like tomatoes?

We have two more videos to watch before Monday. So far Saved was excellent, Spanglish was good (but not as good as I wanted it to be), and Wimbledon was cute. Bridget Jones II will provide us non-thinking entertainment, but I will have to read my way through the Norwegian Kitchen Stories, so that one will be saved for a time when I’m awake and brain synapses are firing.

And I have to find a good chunk of time for some knitting somewhere in there. Maybe I can do that while I listen to the Nationals or the Mets play…

Wow, you’re not supposed to feel tired just looking at all the fun things you’re planning for your weekend, are you?

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