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June 2, 2005

peas of all sorts, gray days, and an empty sink
posted by soe 6:24 pm

This week’s Three Beautiful Things is tardy because I’m feeling grumpy and did not particularly want to look for the beautiful out there in the world. But this is a passing phase (an insight I’ve gained over the years), so I will delay no more:

1. Today’s late lunch trip to the farm market netted me, among other things, a bouquet of pink sweet peas that are now making my office smell nice and a pint of shelling peas, which I shared with two co-workers. Betty said she hadn’t had any since she was five and had had her photo taken on her stoop happily eating some. And Sarah squealed with joy that I had left some of her favorite veggies on her desk.

2. I lost my sunglasses on the bike trip Sunday when they bounced out of my pannier sometime on the Ross Drive detour. Today’s gray weather means I’m not sitting outside squinting into the sun.

3. Normally I leave dirty dishes in the sink until there’s a whole sinkful of them. (For the record, this is not how I was raised.) And then I do a huge load all at once, but there are always more dishes than there is room in the rack so it doesn’t really seem like I’m making any headway. But yesterday morning I had the foresight to just finish off all the dish washing before I went to work, so I came home to an empty sink. It was a surprisingly nice feeling.

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