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June 15, 2005

funny metro
posted by soe 10:22 pm

It’s mean to poke folks when they’re down. But sometimes it’s just too funny not to share:

The folks at the metro just sent me an alert to let me know there are delays on the Red line. Generally I find their alerts helpful — if there’s a 10 minute delay, I can just walk or catch the bus without having to first go down into the station to discover it swarming with grumpy commuters. But tonight’s is just alarming:

“A 2148-minute delay is in effect at Fort Totten in the direction of Glenmont.”

That’s what — a day and a half? I could walk to Glenmont from Fort Totten in that amount of time…

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a sigh of relief
posted by soe 1:21 pm

My work presentation is over. I do not have to give another one for a while. It must not have been terrible, because some attendees suggested I could come talk to their groups. But it sure wasn’t fun.

For the record, I enjoy talking — a lot. I just don’t enjoy standing up in front of a group to do it.

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