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January 30, 2007

the first of a dozen
posted by soe 11:56 am

moonrise over dc

The winter can be hard for me. Between work, subterranean dwelling, and late-moving habits, I don’t see enough sunlight. Instead I tend to skulk through the first few months of the year in the dark (both literally and metaphorically), a child of the moonlight.

It was a rare weekday early in the month where I found myself with a day off and time to head out on the town to wander around during a sunny, 70 degree afternoon. But walking home from Georgetown at twilight, I was reminded of the proper scheme of things when I sighted this moonrise over the eastern bank of Rock Creek.

But even as the moon reminds me of nocturnal habits and melancholy, a full moon also seems full of promise and potential, representative of the first month of the year when everything seems new and possible again.

This is appropriate in a couple of ways because it marks an opportunity to set up my new Flickr account (which contains just the one photo right now) and to take part in a new photo-along that Stephanie and Margene decided to launch — 007: Snap a Dozen Days. Stephanie explains the concept:

You post one or more pictures once a month, any time during the month. The pictures should express the meaning of the month to you. You can post about a person, a place, a thing – whatever you want. Then you write a blog post in conjunction with the pictures to explain the meaning of the month.

I look forward to breaking out (but not breaking) the camera more in 2007 and continuing to play along over the year.

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You captured a great moment in the photo and reflection. I’m happy to see you’ve loaded your first flickr pic. I’ll have to check out the photo-along.

Comment by Suzanne 01.31.07 @ 9:46 am

That’s a wonderful picture!!!!! Had you plans to take pictures or are you now in the family habit of carrying all the time!??

Comment by Mum 01.31.07 @ 11:22 am

what a fantastic picture!

Comment by amanda 01.31.07 @ 4:14 pm

Your photo of the moon is really beautiful. There’s something so fascinating about it, the way it watches over the earth from a distance. I just put the phases of the moon widget (?) on my Google page and I’m amazed at how fast it’s changed from a half moon to full in a few days! I’m looking forward to more of your photos.

Comment by Debby 01.31.07 @ 11:26 pm

That really is an awesome picture.

I love the Canon Powershot S1 IS. Every time I’ve tried to take pictures of the moon, though, it hasn’t worked out so well. I can never hold the camera still enough, even with the image stabilization, to expose long enough by just moonlight to have it stay in focus. Did you have something to rest the camera on, or do you just have steadier hands than I do?

Comment by Grey Kitten 02.01.07 @ 2:33 am