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August 2, 2007

sixth of a dozen
posted by soe 12:06 am

I fell off the wagon a bit back in June for 007: Snap a Dozen Days, when I neglected to take a single photo. I meant to, mind you. I even had the exact photo in mind that totally embodied what I wanted most in June, but I didn’t take it until last night:

My Nook

June’s theme is Home. I spent the month traveling and stressed and really all I wanted was to be back at the Burrow, particularly in this scene.

This is my reading nook, that Rudi and I set up after bringing the bookshelf back from Connecticut over Memorial Day weekend. You can see my rocking chair, where I like to sit and read or knit. If the weather cooperates, the window is open and the chair faces outdoors. If Rudi’s home, the chair faces into the room, so we feel like we’re hanging out. If there’s a pillow on the seat of the chair, you’ll often find a cat on it.

On the bookshelf, you can notice a few things. The top shelf has my happy lamp, as well as a stuffed camel from Rebs and the yarn for my next pair of socks. The second shelf contains my knitting books and my library books, as well as a hummingbird from Karen. The third shelf has my literary books — poetry and writing, a dictionary, a long-ago gift from Karen, and the most recent HP book. The open spaces on the shelves are for the cats to play or sleep on, as they like to attack one another there, nap, and launch themselves into the window.

To the right of the bookshelf, just beyond the frame of the shot is the pie chest, which contains most of my yarn. Rudi thought it would be terribly convenient to have my knitting books in close proximity to the stash. What a smart guy!

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