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November 20, 2007

missing in action
posted by soe 3:50 am

If you’ve been wondering about the radio silence around here recently, we’ve been combating a bug problem in our bedroom. Over the summer we had a grain moth problem in our kitchen. I’d been optimistic recently we’d finally gotten a handle on them, but discovered at the end of last week that the problem had merely migrated to the other side of the wall. So Rudi and I have been washing loads and loads of laundry — all of our linens, as well as a bureau’s worth of clothing. And since we had to tear apart the room to tackle the worms, we figured we might as well do a major top to toe cleaning.

Before we leave for Thanksgiving, we will have a spotless bedroom filled with lots of clean laundry. Too bad the holiday party we’re having in ten days will be held everywhere in our apartment except our bedroom.

Oh well. It’s always the way, right?

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