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November 27, 2007

feeling a bit low
posted by soe 1:40 am

I know it’s been a few days since I last wrote, but that’s because I was busy having a lovely weekend up in Connecticut. I ate lots of good food; had quality visiting time with the folks, Gramma, and Karen; and came home with pretty new shirts (thanks Mum!), (thin) socks, and shoes.

And, now, in the wake of both a holiday and a smidgen of a vacation, I’m feeling a bit low. Okay, credit that, if you will, to a lack of sleep or to its being that time of the month, or, even, to the fact that I need desperately to completely overhaul my apartment before Sunday afternoon. Nonetheless, I spent this evening curled up on the couch watching tv. Granted, I watch tv every Monday, but this week my knitting sat untouched in my bag in front of me for the whole night, even though I’m a mere 20 rows away from finishing Mystery Project #1. (Yay!)

I’m hoping tomorrow is a more productive day in all aspects. It would be great to get to party-time on Sunday without having our guests have to help us prep the food or carry the tree into the house.

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