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November 4, 2007

weekend almost over
posted by soe 11:59 pm

Well, Rudi’s flight gets in in half an hour, so the weekend must be just about over. I did several of the things I wanted to do this weekend, but not as much as I’d hoped to. I suppose that’s always the way, though, isn’t it?

Yesterday, as planned, I headed over to Alexandria to make more beer. The ironic thing about this is that I don’t drink beer. But Rudi does, as do our friends, and it allowed me to spend pretty much the whole day hanging out with several of them. Now if I could just figure out where to put three cases of beer (in addition to the four cases of root beer from last weekend).

Today I bought a couple things at the farmers’ market — apples for me and a branch of Brussels sprouts for Rudi) — before heading over to the garden to start the winter prep. I harvested the last of the peppers and trimmed about half of the huge sage plant. I pulled up almost all of the plants. I dug out a tree we’d hoped would do more than it did. And I turned over the ground in the hopes that come spring it will be easier to work than it was this year. (That may or may not have any basis in reality.)

After I was done, I headed to the store and to the library to return my overdue books. I came home, finished my book, chatted with Rudi (who was patiently hanging out in Orlando’s airport watching the Pats game), and fell asleep. (Oops.)

I’ve spent the last couple hours cleaning, but I’m not sure that it shows. Oh well.

Tomorrow, we get to see The Police. I hope they’re better than a solo Sting concert.

Off to the airport!

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