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November 7, 2007

heading out again
posted by soe 10:10 am

Two hours and counting until I need to leave the house for Denver. I haven’t packed. I’m still wearing the wool blanket and sweater I put on when I got up this morning. (We have the window open and it’s in the 40s outside.) Posey really thinks that I ought to just let her lie lovingly in my lap instead of getting up and moving around.

I haven’t picked out knitting projects (although I do have books to read). Should I take the laptop? (The hotel has free wifi, but then I need to lug the thing with me.) Should I take workout clothes? (I don’t work out at home. What are the odds this would change while on a business trip?)

I have queued up a couple of posts for you to read during my absence, so do check back over the next couple of days. If the Denver conference folks let exhibitors use the public computers, I’ll post an update. Otherwise, you won’t here from me live and in person until the weekend.

Be well!

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