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November 16, 2020

mid-november weekending
posted by soe 1:27 am

Ginkgo Trees

There was less sun this weekend than I would have hoped for, but also less rain than predicted, so I’ll take that tradeoff (this time).

I got in a short bike ride and Coffeeneuring stop yesterday, ran by the grocery store, and went to the last outdoor concert of the season. Rudi and I had a cross-country Netflix date, and we both recommend Love, Guaranteed if you have access.

This morning there was a trip to the farmers market. I’m trying to get all my Thanksgiving shopping done early — today was a pie pumpkin and potatoes; yesterday was cranberries and cheese. I’ll be celebrating here on my own, so look for a post about what that looks like sometime next week. I discovered an open bag of stuffing my cupboard tonight. It’s already stale bread; can it go … staler?

There were a couple trips to the garden, some cooking, some laundry, and a little knitting and reading. And there was a lot of sleep. But since Corey is now lying on my wrists as I’m typing this, I’m guessing it’s time to do it again. He’s not very subtle, my 20-pound cat.

How was your weekend?

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