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November 9, 2020

celebratory weekending
posted by soe 1:09 am


While I did yank out the flowering weeds that had gone past in my garden (I leave them for the pollinators at a certain point), I discovered my post-sunset harvesting of tomatoes last week was a little slipshod. I found four big tomatoes (the fourth one may have been discovered after I broke the branch it was on, so it came home with me) as well as several smaller ones of varying sizes. Since this week, at least, is due to be unseasonably warm and sunny for much of it, I suggested they all think ripening thoughts and we’d revisit things next weekend.

In addition to time in the garden and at the White House, I also got in two Coffeeneuring bike rides (I’m excited to tell you about them in a couple days, because one of them included a new twist on a favorite drink), trips to the farmers market and the grocery store (to buy myself laundry detergent and flowers), and the penultimate concert in the park for the season.

I also had both a video chat and an audio chat with friends, which was nice.

I did a (very) little cleaning in the kitchen and a little knitting and a bunch of sleeping and may have watched The Avengers and SNL and acceptance speeches instead of reading. This week, though, I need to get my act in gear in terms of cooking and cleaning and the pursuit of laundry money, or else Rudi’s going to return from Salt Lake and wonder what I’ve been doing with my time. (Bon bons, Rudi, eating bon bons…)

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