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November 11, 2020

coffeeneuring 2020: ride #4
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I seem to have taken a couple weeks off from Coffeeneuring. One weekend was rainy and the other … got lost.

Cafe Georgetown

Café Georgetown
3141 N St., N.W.
Saturday, Nov. 7, early evening
Conditions: Lovely

Saturday marked the combination of a beautiful day, the announcement that Joe Biden had clinched Pennsylvania’s Electoral College votes, and low demands on my time. However, I futzed around until too late in the day for a lot of coffee places, and then I had the double challenge of needing to be home for a video chat with friends.

So I headed to Georgetown. Specifically to Café Georgetown.

Café Georgetown Parklet

I’d passed the café before, sitting as it does in the first townhouse in from Wisconsin Avenue, but I’d never stopped in. I’m excited to report that while I didn’t avail myself of them, the coffeehouse does offer some of the Middle Eastern treats I used to get at Simit and Smith before they closed. I opted for the more traditional chocolate chip cookie (heated at the barista’s suggestion) and a hot chocolate. I munched them in front of the restaurant next door’s darkened doorstep and watched people cruising through Georgetown sharing their jubilation at the political news of the day.

Coffeeneuring 2020: Ride #4

As with nearly everywhere on M or Wisconsin in Georgetown, bike parking requires finding a street sign to lock up to. Unless, of course, like me, you forget your lock and don’t realize it until you arrive. Then you might consider asking a nice couple with their own bikes parked next to them to watch yours while you run in and order. I have literally never done that before, but Saturday seemed like a day to trust in the goodness of people.

Total mileage: 2.2 miles

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