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November 14, 2020

mid-month weekend planning
posted by soe 1:50 am

21st Street, Sunday Morning

It was another long week here in the Burrow. Three after-hours events for work, plus a major deadline for another department that had me working late/early a fourth day. Plus tomorrow marks week five since Rudi went out to Salt Lake to help his mom, so I’m still holding down the fort here. I’m really glad to have tomorrow arrive without an early-morning alarm.

It does not arrive without plans, however:

  • I need two more Coffeeneuring rides between this weekend and next to cross this annual fall tradition off my to-do list. I have several destinations in mind, including one on the other side of town and one in the next neighborhood over. I could do up to four just for kicks. It all depends on the weather and the willingness of my legs to pedal.
  • Saturday night marks the final outdoor concert of the season. It will be brisk after the sun sets, so I anticipate a thermos of hot tea will accompany me.
  • The lows drop again early next week, so I should probably go harvest that last crop of tomatoes I missed. Since it’s supposed to be pleasant during the day, maybe I’ll dig up my potatoes, too.
  • I promised there would be a Virtual Advent Calendar announcement on Sunday, and so there shall be.
  • Thanksgiving week is going to include a lot of tidying. (A Christmas tree needs space after all, and none currently exists.) But this weekend I’m starting by clearing off the couch and the coffee table and putting a dent on the space in between where all my work stuff ends up living.
  • Two books should really go back to the library before it opens on Monday, so I should probably set aside time to finish them first.
  • It is also conceivable that I could finish my sock this weekend. I’m thinking I’d like to wear them for Thanksgiving, so even if they linger on until next week, it will be fine.
  • I’d also love to get some pie dough made so I can make a quiche for next week and have the crusts ready for some Thanksgiving pie baking.
  • Apparently, Postcards to Voters has kicked back up already for the Georgia senate races, so I may do a little writing.
  • And I’m going to catch up on some zzz’s. Have a good night!

What are you hoping to do this weekend?

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