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November 3, 2020

top ten non-bookish hobbies of mine
posted by soe 1:45 am

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic from That Artsy Reader Girl pulls us kicking and screaming away from our books to inquire about what hobbies we have besides reading

Mine include:

  1. Knitting, mostly socks and shawls. Relatedly, collecting yarn.
  2. Playing volleyball, although not in the past eight months.
  3. Gardening. I just picked 20 pounds of green tomatoes in advance of a cold night. Anyone have any favorite recipes?
  4. Celebrating Christmas. (My family is inching up into the three-month-long celebration range. On another related note, I run a Virtual Advent Blog Tour, and I invite you to learn more about it on the 15th of this month.)
  5. Baking. I anticipate stress baking a lot over the next week.
  6. Checking out dessert vendors, like ice cream parlors and bakeries and chocolate shops. I’ve decided this is a hobby and that I am very good at it. I may be a little behind my local sampling because of COVID, but probably not as much as one might expect.
  7. Travel. I’ve been to 39 states (okay it may be a couple more, but you can’t count states from when you were an infant, can you?) and a handful of foreign countries, and I would really like to visit more once going places further than the other side of town is deemed acceptable again.
  8. Painting my nails. They’re currently orange and black with sparkles, but I’ll need to consider what’s next sometime soon.
  9. Going to the beach. The pool is also very nice.
  10. Watching movies. We used to go to the cinema once a week, and in fact, we hit the movie theater twice the week before everything shut down back in March.

Don’t forget to vote today, Americans, if you haven’t already! If you’re at a poll when they close, stay in line. They will let you vote! And if you experience or witness voter intimidation or irregularities, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

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