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March 22, 2021

first weekending of spring
posted by soe 1:43 am

Sunset over M Street

I spent a good amount of time outdoors this glorious first weekend of spring. Saturday afternoon, we wandered down to the Georgetown waterfront and sat and read and talked and ate snacks. Rudi made homemade pizza and we feasted on my cake (we’re down to a slice each tomorrow). I looked through some photos and sent some off to friends, so they could enjoy them, too.

Today it was so warm I was able to go to the farmers market in a tshirt and with bare legs. After a tasty late breakfast, I traveled over to Capitol Hill, where one of the nurseries I like is found. I picked up a couple of strawberry starts, as well as some other plants, and then got in touch with Sarah, who lives nearby. We checked out a new ice cream place and spent an hour sitting in the sun chatting. I metro’ed back to our side of town and decided to stop by the garden while there was still light and plant some of my new seedlings. I got two herbs, two salad greens, and a container of baby leeks into the ground before the sun slipped low enough I decided to call it quits.

The evening was spent watching the UConn women with Rudi, reading, knitting the toe decreases on my sock (I just have to kitchener the second sock and weave in the ends tomorrow!), painting my nails, drinking cocoa, and doing a little rearranging.

How was your weekend?

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