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March 7, 2021

one thousand clues
posted by soe 1:29 am


I spent a portion of today, poking through my yarn stash and looking for a skein for the first pattern of Sock Madness. I thought I was hunting for a solid yarn, since between the twisted stitches and the smocking, there’s a lot going on. But then I came across a skein of purple, pink, grey, and white yarn (the one in the middle below) in a colorway called “Crossword” and there could be no other choice. Sometimes the universe speaks to you and it’s up to you to be listening.


I suppose it may turn out that the yarn is still wrong for the pattern, or, rather, that the pattern is wrong for the yarn. Because short of a yarn called “Muriel” suddenly appearing in my stash, this is what I’m meant to be knitting with today.

(If I need to find a new skein, I also kept out a couple skeins in pink/red that work for a pattern that means roughly “a thousand cherry trees” and that can be cast back on on Monday.)

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