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March 6, 2021

centennial weekend planning
posted by soe 3:41 am

Gramma at Thanksgiving

Sunday would have marked my maternal grandmother’s 100th birthday, so I’m planning a celebratory weekend.

I have already put in a bunch of extra hours doing work, because she definitely valued hard work and meeting your obligations.

My fun activity for Friday night was watching Magnum while I was eating supper. The reboot is too recent for Gramma to have watched, but she enjoyed the original and I like to think she would have appreciated this version, as well. Rudi’s coaching this weekend, so since I can’t watch new things on tv tomorrow night, maybe I’ll pull up some old Britcoms. She did enjoy Hyacinth Bucket, Father Brown, and Jean and Lionel.

As I mentioned yesterday, my tea reinforcements have arrived. I’ll be refilling all the tins that have been depleted and drinking plenty of cuppas.

It’s the quarterly member sale at one of the local bookshops, so I’ll be heading up that way to indulge (and do some gift-shopping for other upcoming birthdays). I also have plenty of books to read, including some mysteries, which were Gramma’s favorite genre.

The first round of Sock Madness opened a couple hours ago, so I’ll be spending a good chunk of time knitting. Gramma was the one who taught me to knit, but I don’t think she understood why I wanted to bother with socks.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a crossword puzzle, so maybe I’ll fill out the ones from this weekend’s newspaper in her memory.

The butter is out, so maybe I’ll bake up a batch of something from Gramma’s cookbook she made me. Lemon squares would be fast, mint sticks chocolatey, or I could try something new.

In addition to baking sweets, Gramma enjoyed eating them. I have most of a container of ice cream in the freezer, whipped cream to top my cocoa, and Mum suggested I pick up a cannoli or something with Italian pastry cream in it to mark the occasion.

Okay, off to bed, because Gramma would not approve of still being up this late!

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