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March 14, 2021

random thoughts from an unquiet mind
posted by soe 4:12 am
  • Today was not the best day.
  • I do not feel like writing paragraphs or stringing thoughts together like Mardi Gras beads, so you’re getting bullets, which, come to think of it, also look like Mardi Gras beads strung together.
  • As Rudi was loading the car at 6 a.m. this morning for his winter weekend drive to Pennsylvania for ski coaching he heard a ping. He told me this as he kissed me goodbye “just so you know.” I thought I might not sleep again this morning because now I knew.
  • Five minutes later he was back again. One of the tie rods had snapped, which is a far better thing to happen when a car is parked than when you are driving it on the highway at dawn (or any other hour).
  • We rented him a car so he could get to his final weekend of coaching for the season.
  • When my car broke a couple years back (also on a coaching weekend), it had the decency to still be drivable.
  • A baseball games-and-Christmas party friend has cancer. We didn’t find out about it until partway through the pandemic. It was not a good diagnosis. His husband started posting pictures of better days yesterday. This morning he shared that he’s brought our friend home, along with round-the-clock care.
  • I spent a lot of today crying.
  • It sucks to say goodbye through a comment on a website.
  • I also spent a lot of today napping instead of planting peas or sitting out in the sun.
  • I watched a Miss Marple episode tonight. Terrible things happen in Agatha Christie novels, but the villain very nearly always gets his or hers in the end.
  • I do not know who the villain is in this current story arc of my life — a virus? mutating cells? aging auto parts? — but I hope they get theirs soon.
  • My sock-in-progress also sat next to me and watched tv. It didn’t have to put any effort into growing, because I didn’t pick it up.
  • I will not advance past this round of Sock Madness and I am okay with that.
  • I did start my spring training book, while sitting in the park. The first chapter is about an elderly couple whose home was squatted in while they were away over the winter.
  • I bought daffodils at Trader Joe’s earlier. I should probably put them in water. The store doesn’t keep them in water, so I’m not feeling overly urgent about it. But I can’t admire them if they’re sitting in the dish drain, rather than in a vase.
  • The drawback of napping all day is that I’m awake. Also, I lost an hour a little while ago, so while the clock currently says 4 a.m., I am taking solace that it would only have been three at this time yesterday.
  • The sun will set at 7:14 tonight, which means it won’t really get dark until 8. And that’s a thing to celebrate.


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