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March 8, 2021

happy birthday, gramma
posted by soe 1:18 am

Today (Sunday) would have been Gramma’s 100th birthday. It’s been nearly six years since she’s been gone. I wrote this when she died.

Gramma and Her Birthday Cake

This year, Mum and Dad celebrated with Italian cake and Rudi and I with cannoli. Gramma did love her Italian pastries

Gramma and Me

I hadn’t expected a wave of tears to smack me upside the head while I was writing this, but it did. Gramma’s death was the first time I learned you could cry in your sleep, but it’s been a long while since she died. And mostly I’m at the point where I think about her fondly or use her still as an impetus to get though a tedious chore.

But this week also marks a one-year anniversary of a different type of loss, and I assume I’ve conflated the two, reimbuing my mourning for my grandmother with the weight of all I and my family have missed since last March.

The Three Graces

Be kind to yourselves this week and kind to others. And, for goodness’ sake, have a cookie and a cup of tea. It helps.

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