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April 27, 2005

feral cats
posted by soe 11:53 pm

Our neighborhood has a lot of restaurants. Because of that, we also tend to have wild cats (the restaurants leave scraps out for them). Earlier this week, Rudi and I discovered we had kittens a block from the burrow — four of them.

Today, as I was walking back from the wine shop, I happened to glance up as I was passing a neighbor’s house and noticed a cat on the stoop. Looking closer, I realized it wasn’t one cat; it was five cats — the four kittens and their mom.

Mom was standing watching me as I crossed the street to get a closer look. The kittens weren’t paying any attention to me. They were too busy trying to nurse. Eventually the mama cat sat down, which made the kittens happier. And finally she just sort of toppled over to allow the kittens easier access. But she never broke eye contact.

When Rudi went to move the car a little while ago, he saw them back under their regular bush.

How many cats in the hand are five cats in the bush worth? I don’t know, but four kittens nursing on a front stoop are worth quite a bit of enjoyment.

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