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April 13, 2005

wholly disappointed
posted by soe 6:20 pm

I have to say I really didn’t expect Connecticut representatives would roll over and play dead, adding a DOMA to the bill. Now I have to hope the bill is defeated.


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blumenthal offers opinion!
posted by soe 10:07 am

Attorney General Dick Blumental has given his formal legal opinion. He says the bill is clear about not allowing same sex couples to wed and that a DOMA addition is absolutely unnecessary.


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civil union final push
posted by soe 9:49 am

Today the Connecticut House is poised to vote on the civil unions bill (SB-963). PLEASE, if you haven’t already called you representative, do so now. If you don’t know who they are, you can find that information here by filling in your zip code and clicking on the state button at the top right.

Don’t put it off until this afternoon. Tomorrow will be too late.

Ask them to approve the civil unions bill without a DOMA (Defense of Marriage Amendment). Writing discrimination into law is antithetical to the freedoms our ancestors strove for (and, when it wasn’t, we later realized how short-sighted they were). Today is not the day to begin.

After you’ve called your representative, please take a moment to call Governor Jodi Rell. Her phone number is 1-800-406-1527. Rell has indicated that pending a formal legal opinion from Attorney General Dick Blumenthal saying the bill sans DOMA will not permit gay marriage she will sign the bill. If Blumenthal equivocates on the matter, she will require a DOMA.

I would rather see the measure fail if a DOMA is attached to the bill. And I think many people agree with me.

For those of you who are out-of-staters or former residents, please follow this link to email all 151 state representatives and this link to email Gov. Rell.

And please don’t procrastinate. We’re down to mere hours on this one.

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