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April 14, 2005

opening day
posted by soe 12:54 pm

Five hours and counting until the Nationals home opener. Rudi and I went in with a bunch of people on season tickets and won the Opening Day raffle to go tonight. Our seats are behind home plate — I’ve never sat in the infield before! I’m sure I’ll post more tonight after I’ve thawed out. (I have four layers to put down as the temperatures drop…)

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a hearty thank you…
posted by soe 9:27 am

…to those Republicans who voted against a DOMA and in favor of the bill. I was going to list the Republicans in a similar way to the Democrats, but then I discovered there are very few common-sense Republicans in the state of Connecticut.

My heartfelt thanks go out to:

Sonya Googins, Glastonbury
Diana S. Urban, North Stonington
Lenny T. Winkler, Groton

I also thank Clark Chapin of New Milford, who voted against both the DOMA and the bill. Since I can’t tell whether he meant to vote against the bill all along or switched his vote after the bill legalized discrimination, I will assume his intentions were good.

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thumbs down to…
posted by soe 9:09 am

…those legislators who voted in favor of a DOMA. They’ll be getting a personal note from me later and their primary competitors may well get a check in the future. In the meantime, I include for your own edification a list of Democrats who voted in favor of the DOMA: (more…)

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