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April 17, 2005

sailing, scones, and suntan
posted by soe 10:45 pm

Earlier this week, a friend invited Rudi and me to go sailing today. An exciting prospect — especially when this morning dawned clear and blue (not that we were up at dawn, of course).

Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell the beautiful weather that we needed a bit of a breeze to billow our sails, and Phillip called to say his boat renter had called to say the water was “like glass” and that he should cancel. A very nice boat renter — it would certainly have been in her short-term financial interest to get us out on the water, anyway!

Rudi hit the farm market while I was getting dressed for sailing (rose a little late — what a shock!). He brought home the milk we needed, purple asparagus, four stems of ranunculus (very pretty!), and blueberry scones for us to eat en route to the marina.

Since we no longer had to race out the door, we settled in with the morning paper (I actually read a surprising amount of it today), the news pundits (CBS Sunday Morning‘s Bill Geist had a hilarious piece on Lawrence, Kansas, and their post office’s party for the late-night tax filers on April 15), and the scones. These were not the best scones Country Pleasures have given us, but the blueberries were very sweet and yummy.

Eventually Rudi and I managed to tear ourselves away from the Nats game on tv (baseball games are so addictive!) and out on our bike rides. After last week, I didn’t really want to go out for a long ride, so I headed down to Hains Point with my book and my knitting (and a radio in case the game was still going by the time I made my way down there).

It was beautiful — and a great choice for a warm spring afternoon. Hains Point is directly opposite National Airport, so you get amazing views of airplanes landing and taking off (although plane-spotting isn’t as good without Dr. Pepper and Wendy’s french fries). Boats were out sailing on the Potomac and the Anacostia (by this point the wind had picked up a little bit, so there were even some sailboats! :() Families were out picnicking — as I was packing up I almost got run over during a touch football game.

I got in a few chapters of the book (still plugging away at The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay) and a few rows of knitting in before heading home with a little bit of a tan (not enough to eliminate last weekend’s funny tan line, but maybe enough to blunt it so I don’t have to think about what shirt to put on in the morning) and 11.3 miles of riding under the belt.

All in all, a good day even without the fun of sailing.

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busy week ahead
posted by soe 10:18 pm

A busy week is planned:

  • Monday: Nats game
  • Tuesday: knitting group (Suzanne and I might finally tackle the next stage of our socks), volunteer at DC Film Fest
  • Wednesday: volunteer at DC Film Fest
  • Thursday: Sneak preview of HBO’s Warm Springs
  • Friday: David Wilcox concert?
  • Saturday: wedding shower (I think it’s this coming Saturday, but it might be next week instead), DC Film Festival showing (I get to watch a movie for free in exchange for volunteering and it’s suddenly looking like Saturday is my only free day for seeing it
  • Sunday: farm market, DC Film Festival closing ceremony (a Judi Dench/Maggie Smith film)
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