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April 6, 2005

women’s bball
posted by soe 1:41 pm

Congratulations to Baylor, who won their first national basketball championship last night.

They are the first team in more than a decade to win the big dance during their first trip to the Final Four — and only the fourth team in history (either men’s or women’s) to do so.

Today is the one day a year that the women get equal national coverage with the men in college sports.

I was born in the Title IX era. No one ever suggested that girls shouldn’t play sports, so I grew up playing track, volleyball, basketball, and softball. My dad and I played catch in the backyard (and one memorable time in our elementary school playground when I launched a borrowed softball onto the building’s roof). My high school softball team won the state title twice.

I come from a state where our sports stars are women. Rebecca. Nykesha. Jen. Shea. Sveta. Sue. Diana. Ann. In our little corner of the world, these are the one-named wonders.

In Connecticut, women’s sports aren’t relegated to the back page or the box scores of the daily papers. Not only do they make the front page of the sports section, but they also periodically make the front page of the whole paper or lead the 11 p.m. newscast.

These days I generally have to hunt if I want to find out how the women’s teams have done. Even the WNBA coverage in the Post is lacking. But not today.

Today I — and the rest of the country — salute the Title IX generation and the Baylor squad who showed once again that women can play spectacular games.

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