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April 20, 2005

i can’t help being suspicious
posted by soe 3:49 pm

This afternoon’s headlines are full of the Iraqi story of 50 bodies being found in the Tigris. I do not have difficulty believing that. Sadly, Iraqi civilians have been dying regularly without our paying much heed.

Where I start to be suspicious is when I understood that the president of Iraq made this announcement when asked about the claim that Shias had been kidnapped last week from the town of Medain by Sunnis who demanded all Shia leave the city.

According to River in Baghdad:

Medain is a town of Sunnis and Shia who have lived together peacefully for as long as anyone can remember. The people in the town come from the local “Ashayir” or tribes. It’s one of those places where everyone knows everyone else- even if only by name or family name. The tribes who dominate the town are a combination of Sunni and Shia. Any conflicts between the townspeople are more of the tribal or family type than they are religious.

After the initial news story, the Shia residents of Medain demonstrated, saying that the rumors of kidnapping were false and that no one was missing any family members and there was no need for governmental/armed forces intervention.

Today President Talibani suprised not only reporters with this announcement, but also outgoing interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi and the Defense Ministry, according to CNN. This is what makes me really suspicious. Don’t we think at least one of these two would have heard about 50 dead people floating by on one of the nation’s main rivers?

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gay marriage okay in dc?
posted by soe 1:18 pm

Home to a large gay population, DC has long tried to walk the fine line between being able to accomodate its residents and appeasing the federal government that oversees the running of the city. (Congress has the right to overturn DC laws when it so desires.)

It was rumored in the last few years that the District administration would be open to recognizing same-sex marriages performed elsewhere but that it feared doing so would bring retribution from a right-wing Congress.

This article, “Married D.C. Gay Couples Can File Taxes Jointly,” would seem to indicate that the city is trying to find a quiet, back-door approach to doing so. My fingers are crossed for Edward and Richard that their filing is successful.

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say it ain’t so
posted by soe 12:58 pm

If this is true, it signals a sad day. Jim Jeffords cares a great deal about the environment and about education and these issues were what drove him to leave the Republican party.

While you can never expect to have a politician agree with all the time, it is a pleasure when you find one you can agree with most of the time.

Report: Jeffords Will Not Seek Reelection

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