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April 15, 2005

visible results
posted by soe 8:18 pm

According to God in tonight’s Joan of Arcadia, “Knitting is the new yoga,” citing its meditative properties. Rudi noted that knitting doesn’t give you the muscles that yoga does. I laughed and asked, “Did you ever notice muscle tone on me when I was doing yoga regularly?” “No,” he admitted. “At least with knitting,” I added, “I get visible results.”

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posted by soe 11:14 am

Taxes have been finished and sent out for the year. Contrary to majority opinion (which seems to be a regular theme of my life, apparently), I actually enjoy paying taxes.

I know, I know… I don’t support this administration, either. I’d like to see my money spent on better things. I’d like to have them actually listen to me periodically.

Nonetheless, I do like quite a few things that are paid for by the federal government: NPR and public television (in ever dwindling proportions, I realize, but the amount I pay in taxes could subsidize that tiny amount), for instance. Highways. Coast Guard rescues. Forest fire watchers and fighters. National parks and national park rangers (like the very nice fellow down at the Cherry Blossom Festival last weekend who was taking family portraits for tourists — the check I sent off today probably paid for his presence for the two hours Karen and I were at the festival). The International Space Station and shuttle trips.

C’mon… There must be more good things paid for with tax dollars I’m not thinking of….

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