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April 8, 2005

my cup runneth over
posted by soe 11:01 am

Things are going to be quiet around here for the next few days, as Rudi and I have friends in town and I suspect time to write will be lacking.

Karen and Michael drive down from CT this afternoon. Erik took the train from NYC last night. Mercifully, no one wants to stay with us in the burrow (cat hair central during shedding season), so our cleaning plan is cursory and slapdash. They are old friends and will just have to understand that two adults and three cats cannot coexist in comfort without a certain amount of STUFF and that we have more stuff squeezed into our apartment than really it should hold — particularly during the in-between clothing season (that’s between winter and summer, not between wearing clothes, of course ;)).

So our weekend is going to be full of cherry blossom viewing, museum scouring, and eating. And visiting, which is the best part.

And on Monday I will be sad that I didn’t get to spend enough time with any of them.

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