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September 20, 2021

final summer weekending
posted by soe 1:48 am

I am pleased to report that very few insurrection-friendly protestors arrived in D.C. this weekend, so mostly we were all able to live our lives as usual.

Yesterday I finished a book, returned things to two libraries, bought some doughnuts, and video-chatted with some friends.

Today I went to the farmers market (but too late for paw paws, chanterelles, baguettes, and milk), started a book I picked up from the library yesterday, and spent a couple hours at the garden (I planted lettuce, dill, and cilantro, as well as some fall seeds; harvested a bunch of things; trimmed lots of tomato plants; watered; and weeded).

In an effort to disentangle my life hours from my work hours, I thought I’d share that we’re planning to head to the movies on Wednesday and I have a volleyball doubleheader on Thursday night. I just need to make some plans for tomorrow, Tuesday, and Friday.

How was your weekend?

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