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September 4, 2021

transitional weekend planning
posted by soe 8:15 am

The computer and I dozed off together last night, so I’m posting this this morning instead:

It’s a long weekend this weekend, meant to honor laborers. I don’t begin to think I have a hard job. No one asks me to run into burning buildings, nurse sick children, stand next to speeding cars on triple digit days, teach those who don’t want to learn, or deal with irate members of the public. I get to do interesting things that let me learn and that help people. But the work dynamic has been changing this summer, and while I have been trying to breathe into it, like a challenging yoga pose, I am tired and I am emotionally sore, and I am tempted to spend the weekend in the mental equivalent of child or corpse pose, disengaged from everyone and everything.

And while some of that is necessary, I don’t think three whole days of it really benefit me in the long run. I should get outside and get some fresh air. I should tend my garden and spend some time seeing the things that tender, careful nurturing have brought forth. I should get some exercise, either on a bike, or swimming at the pool. I should eat a ton of vegetables (and maybe some pizza). I should lower the height of Mount Laundry and do some more cleaning.

I have plans to go to the Mets-Nationals game tomorrow and will bring a volleyball teammate whose been out of commission for a while and her boyfriend. I will visit the library and escape into some novels. And I will knit those six rows of ribbing so I can get back to the part of the shawl that interests me. And I will get lots of sleep.

What’s on your radar for this weekend? A last trip to the beach? Recovering from the first week(s) of school? Hiding from the hordes?

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