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September 19, 2021

doggos, waltzers, and nearly there
posted by soe 1:03 am

Three more beautiful things from my past week, because we’re in a week that demands I find the positives in life:

1. Last week was Doggie Day Swim, or, as Rudi and I call it, Pups in the Pool. Every year, after they close the pool to people, they give dog owners a chance to bring their pooches over to use it. There were about two dozen dogs, most of whom were running around the pool, rather than playing in it, but still.

2. Dancers were out practicing their waltzing at one of the nearby triangle parks one afternoon. I assume it was the social dancing group that meets at the nearby church.

3. The windshield of the car has brown leaves all over it. Fall is nearly here!

How about you? Anything beautiful in your world lately you feel like sharing?

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