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September 11, 2021

weekend planning
posted by soe 1:48 am

Honestly, I’m feeling pretty unenthused about the weekend. (My computer says that’s not a word and suggests changing it to enthused. I’m working on it computer, I’m working on it.)

There’s a used book sale at the library over by Eastern Market, so maybe I’ll wander across town. It’s supposed to be a nice weekend weatherwise, so hopping on the bike would probably be a good thing. Plus, then I could bike by Fiesta D.C., the Latinx festival and see how crowded it is.

There’s a new book sale at one of our local indies, so Rudi and I may head up there tomorrow evening after he returns from his bike ride.

If nothing else, I can immerse myself in some books, and that never is a bad plan for a weekend. And my shawl is back to mosaic sections, so maybe I can move it along. I’d love to get it off the needles some day.

Sunday, there’s the farmers market, which last week felt super packed, so I should probably start getting up earlier to avoid the crowds. And it’s Adams Morgan Day, which is D.C.’s oldest neighborhood festival. Again, not loving the idea of crowds, but I think they’re working on taking better advantage of the parks.

This weekend is Subway Series part 2, so maybe I’ll stream some baseball. The Mets won the first game, which makes me happy.

And I should spend some time at the garden. My beans have not been the success I’d been hoping for, with the yardlong beans and my burgundy filets not really materializing. I have some pods on the lima beans, but they were awfully flat still last weekend. Fingers crossed they’ve filled out this week. It’s a good time to plant late fall crops, like lettuces, so I’ll dig into the bags and find my seed packets. After all, nothing’s more hopeful than a garden.

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