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July 25, 2020

posted by soe 1:34 am

How is it the last weekend of July already? Wasn’t it just March?

This workweek was so much better than last week in terms of stress and work-life balance, but I still seem to be fighting off exhaustion. So I’m going to try to take this weekend easy again:

  • Buy cherries. Sours are already gone and I hear this is the last weekend for sweets.
  • Find quarters. Did you know we’re having a nationwide coin shortage? So many businesses had already switched to a cash-free model during the pandemic and now I’m having a really hard time finding places where I can get quarters for laundry. A friend reminded me the Metro machines used to be a reliable source, so I’m going to give that a shot. I welcome any other ideas you may have, commenters.
  • Do some online shopping. Maybe check out. Maybe just browser window shop.
  • Finish my Smock Madness socks.
  • Listen to baseball.
  • Read.
  • Make more ice cream. Maybe chocolate chip this time.
  • Plant some more potatoes and beans. (I found another bag with sprouting potatoes in it when we cleaned the kitchen.)
  • Send some mail.
  • Back up my phone. (I don’t think I’ve done that this year.)
  • Catch up on sleep.

What are you hoping your weekend will include?

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