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July 18, 2020

self-care weekend
posted by soe 1:24 am

It was a stressful workweek, with lots of deadlines and quick turnarounds and making sure the people who work for me were doing a better job with self-care than my boss and I were doing. But there is no way through such weeks but through…

And we did get through it and the organization didn’t burn to the ground and people did herculean amounts of work with my thanks and we all made it to Friday night relatively unscathed. Rudi and I toasted five o’clock with Filipino doughnuts that I’d ridden my bike through the midday heat to pick up. (Thank you, past me for ordering them!)

I marked the start of the weekend by picking up some holds from the library. Rudi and I went to the garden, sighed over the tomatoes that had disappeared from our plot (and the one that didn’t, but that now has a very large bite gone from it). We picked a foot-long cucumber and gave everything a good dousing.

We ate pizza and ice cream for dinner and watched episodes of The Librarians and Parks and Recreation.

Since I didn’t do a good job of it during the week, I’m going to continue this evening’s focus on self-care through the weekend. I’ll attempt to refind my living room, which is currently buried under my kitchen — which admittedly looks amazingly spacious with only the bare minimum in it from the fridge move yesterday.

I’ll order some more masks in fun designs and cute motifs, because these are the new universal fashion accessories and I’ve had to hand wash mine twice this week. I’ll go outside in the evening when it’s cooler and sit in the park. And maybe I will give making pasta a shot (in the kitchen, not in the park). It was on my list of things to work on while social distancing way back in March — a list that looks so painfully naive and optimistic all these months later.

But whatever I do, I will not be doing work.

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