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July 4, 2020

july 4th planning
posted by soe 1:54 am

It seems a little silly to do a weekend planning post when the weekend is already a third over. That’s right — I was one of those lucky people who got a July 4th observed holiday off today. I celebrated my observed holiday by sleeping in, doing some cleaning, watering the garden, getting takeout pizza for supper (at a substantially discounted rate with a gift certificate now that I don’t feel horrible about redeeming them again), and watching a great documentary.

Tomorrow I’m sad to report that there will be fireworks down along the Mall. Our Mayor and the governors of Maryland and Virginia asked the federal government to cancel them this year for the health and welfare of the public, and you can guess how well that went over. So instead the Mayor has simply asked us all to skip them, which I will in favor of a movie of some sort. I’m out of yogurt for our traditional red, white, and blue parfaits, so instead I’ll probably opt for blueberry pancakes, strawberry daiquiris, and cherry cobbler topped with whipped cream.

Tomorrow also looks the most manageable in terms of prolonged time outside (today was nearly 100; tomorrow will be comparatively cooler at only 91), so I’m going to go pull out my desiccated pea vines, plant my sprouting potatoes, and add some beans for the fall.

Sunday, I forgot to book a reserved time for the farmers market, so I have to attempt to game the line to get in. Because later is better in that case, I preordered some produce to make sure we got the last blueberries and first corn on the cob of the season. Rudi’s thinking he’s going to drive out to the countryside for his first ride away from the area this year, and I think my friend Sarah and I will get together outside for a drink or an ice cream cone.

Somewhere in there will be some laundry. Also, brewing more tea for iced tea/Arnold Palmers. (We’ve made green, mint, and currant/raspberry/hibiscus so far; next up will be pots of pomegranate/pear/ginger and a black of some kind — possibly Darjeeling. Maybe I’ll even brew up a batch of chai concentrate for iced chai.) I’m planning to spend some time reading and maybe knitting. Plus, we really do need to finish up this cleaning that we’ve been doing in the apartment.

How is your weekend going? Do you have special plans?

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