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July 6, 2020

independence day weekending
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Reflecting Pool Ducklings

We ate our first corn on the cob this weekend. There was a mix-up with the farm where I’d preordered them from, so it ended up that I picked up literally the last ears to be had at the market — and four of the six we ate tasted that way. But we each had one delicious ear, which totally made up for it. Beggars can’t be whiners when it comes to early corn on the cob; the privilege of getting to eat it sometimes has to be reward enough.

My friend Sarah and I met up for ice cream cones this afternoon, which was lovely. And we agreed if it ever reached a point where it felt like we aren’t living on the surface of the sun again, we’ll have a picnic.

I read a whole book yesterday, which felt luxurious. And I am nearly done with the heel flap of my sock thanks to some audiobook listening after Rudi went to bed and a prolonged transfer on the metro. (Last month, my first trip on metro since March made me feel very comfortable about mask-wearing compliance; today’s made me regret my decision not to bike 10 miles in a heat wave. I suspect it’ll be a while before I decide to take metro again.)

The pea vines in my garden are gone, as is all the twine zigzagging around to keep them upright — which felt like a big accomplishment. I did not get anything new planted, but hopefully I will get to the garden a little earlier in the evening this week and can get potatoes and beans in soon.

Our apartment-cleaning isn’t complete, but we’ve put in a good dent. But as we need both a new refrigerator and a new air conditioner (we’ve been running on just fans for more than a week now), we desperately need to wrap the process up. And I feel confident that we can very soon.

How was your weekend?

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