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June 24, 2020

midweek music: ‘sunrays and saturdays’
posted by soe 1:25 am

“Sunrays and Saturdays” is an early Vertical Horizons song off their second album, Running on Ice (1995). While it’s technically about a couple breaking up, the song reverberates down through the ages (read: in the decades since college) for me because of good things the singer wishes for his ex because he “still feel[s] love for you.”

After all, who doesn’t wish all these things for the people that we love:

Sunrays and Saturdays
Perfect starry nights
Sweet dreams and moonbeams
And a love that’s warm and bright …
Friendship strong and true
Oceans of blue and a room with a view
To live the life you … choose.

I wish all those things — and more — for us all.

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