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June 15, 2020

mid-june weekending
posted by soe 1:39 am

Sunset at the Park

I did pretty well on this week’s list.

I rode my bike over to Georgetown on Saturday to get quarters and then also stopped to treat myself to takeaway lunch and to buy groceries.

We got three loads of laundry done when we were indoors.

We did a lot of thinning of bunching onions, violet leaves, and mint/lemon verbena at the garden. And I hacked back some of the vines from the outside of the fence.

We bought pizza for supper Saturday night.

This morning, I came home from the farmers market with lots of goodies, including the first cherries, green beans, and zucchini of the season.

I read in the park and saw the sun set each evening. I hope to continue the trend.

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