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broodings from the burrow

June 3, 2020

posted by soe 1:16 am


    ~Wilfred Thorley

There must be fairy miners
Just underneath the mould,
Such wondrous quaint designers
Who live in caves of gold.

They take the shining metals,
And beat them into shreds,
And mould them into petals
To make the flowers’ heads.

Sometimes they melt the flowers
To tiny seeds like pearls,
And store them up in bowers
For little boys and girls.

And still a tiny fan turns
Above a forge of gold,
To keep, with fairy lanterns,
The world from growing old.

I don’t really have anything to contribute right now, except to say that there are still things of beauty in the world — kindness, generosity, hopefulness, and a sense that things can be better than they are — if we can pause and look for them.

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