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June 19, 2020

blink, curbside pickup, and long-lingering project
posted by soe 12:32 am

Chalk Flower

Three beautiful things from my past week:

1. I keep forgetting them come Thursday nights, but the fireflies are back in D.C. We started seeing them two weeks ago, and I encountered at least three between the park and home this evening.

2. I got to pick up a book — A.S. King’s Dig — and two dvds — season six of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Emilio Estevez’s The Public — at the library this evening.

3. Our team organizes our work projects by due date, and the oldest project on our list was one I was project managing. Its completion had been pushed off for two months because of a repeated series of slapstick situations that is both good for our audience and painful for those of us working on the project. (We literally had to ask the printer to stop the presses TWICE. It is not as cool as one is led to believe in movies.) But today all hindrances were pushed past, the print order has been given, and this project — overdue by more than a year and a half — was checked off.

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